Box with Apples

Our Box Smoothie Weekly

Easy !
You choose the delivery date yourself and manage the subscription as you like.

Profit ! 
With your first box you will get a free Blender.

Compose your own  SMOOTHIES  all over the year with our fresh fruit and vegetable.
Your profit ? Vitality,  good mood an energy for you and your employees !

Choose the right quantity:

5 kg ideal for ~ 5 to 7 people | 7 kg ideal for ~ 7 à 10 people | 10 kg ideal for~ 10 à 15 people | 14 kg ideal for ~ 15 à 20 people | 21 kg ideal for ~ 20 à 30 people  

Box Smoothie

Choose the number of boxes and indicate in the schedule the day of delivery desired.

Choose the first delivery week number

Summary :

Total :CHF 32.20

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