Be different by offering exotic fruits !

A simple and original gift which will be truly appreciated by the receivers...

For business gifts or special occasions : birthday, birth, family gathering or meetings.

Nothing better than receiving a beautiful exotic fruit box to bring energy and good mood! 

We vary the exotic fruit assortment each week.

For example : Pineapple, Avocados, Mini-Bananas, Mangos, Coconut, Nashis, Papaya, Passion-Fruit, Pitaya...

Choose the right quantity:

5 kg ideal for ~ 5 to 7 people | 7 kg ideal for ~ 7 à 10 people | 10 kg ideal for~ 10 à 15 people | 14 kg ideal for ~ 15 à 20 people | 21 kg ideal for ~ 20 à 30 people  

Box Exotic GIFT

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Summary :

Total :50.73

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