Vegetable basket TEST

Try our vegetable box one time without any commitment.

Rethink the break of your employees : more than fruits... it's a state of mind!

Nothing more enjoyable than having the opportunity to eat fresh vegetables at any time of the day, which will bring vitality, positive thinking and energy to your entire team! 

We vary the seasonal vegetable assortment each week.

For example : Tomatoes, Carrots, Eggplant, Fennel, Salad, Cucumber

Choose the right quantity:

5 kg ideal for ~ 5 to 7 people | 7 kg ideal for ~ 7 à 10 people | 10 kg ideal for~ 10 à 15 people | 14 kg ideal for ~ 15 à 20 people | 21 kg ideal for ~ 20 à 30 people  

Vegetable basket TEST

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Summary :

Total :34.15

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