Turkey Bagel, Ham Bagel, Salmon Bagel

Assortment of 10 Bagel 

3 x turkey

3 x Ham

4 x Smoked Salmon

Composition of the turkey Bagel: Bagel (wheat flour), turkey, avocado, natural cheese (cream cheese), cream hors d'oeuvre, salade, carrot.

Composition of the ham Bagel: Bagel (wheat flour), natural cheese (cream cheese), ham, salade, carrot, pickles.

Composition of the salmon Bagel: Bagel (wheat flour), cheese with herbs (cream cheese), smoked salmon, avocado, salade, dill.

Emballage sous atmosphère protectrice. 220g
DLC (max 5°C): 5 - 7 days

Turkey Bagel, Ham Bagel, Salmon Bagel

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Total :47.80

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